Collector Alert!!

I received this alert from a Japanese collector.  Please take heed if you are purchasing BBR Ferrari Idea models from Europe.

Alert for Collectors!!!

I got 5 models from a German model car dealer on May 2001.  According to this German dealer, they were come from Ferrari Holland.  Unfortunately, they are all damaged.  Then I noticed that I have never seen these models before.

Please look at the photos! (click on thumbnail below for larger photo)

F300GPSanMarino-1.jpg (99582 bytes)    F300GPSanMarino-2.jpg (86458 bytes)    F2000GPCanada.jpg (90950 bytes)    F2000GPJapan.jpg (93417 bytes)    F2000GPMalaysia-1.jpg (99269 bytes)    F2000GPMalysia-2.jpg (97362 bytes)

They do not have any outer box (have black base and transparent cover ONLY).  You can see the "Ferrari Idea" logo in the metal plate on the black base.  Are they are Ferrari Idea models made by BBR?  Basically, Ferrari Idea models have a yellow outer box, certificate card and Schedoni leather base.  But, these do not have them....

In the description on the metal plate of some models, we can see "Ferrari F2000" (the real name is "Ferrari F1-2000").  Very Strange!

Later, I contacted BBR.  From BBR's answer, the models in photos are all fakes!!!

Dear Collectors, please be careful!!!!

If you have the same or similar models, or if you have any information on these models, please contact